Strengths Accelerator
MasterMind Group (MMG)

Turning your Strengths into Power so you can Be Authentic in YOUR Best!

Nov 5, Nov 12, & Nov 19 | 3 - 2hr sessions
Limited class size for maximum impact

Use a Strengths-Based approach Aware- Explore-Apply for personal growth:

If we know the power we carry then we never fall victim to Imposter syndrome because we know what we carry and how to use it!!


Know Your strengths and Grow them intentionally and you will stand to Improve your Quality of Life.

In this program, you will gain practical insights into your Personality.... by Understanding your Innate Strengths.

This Mastermind is a Key to building your

Past participants report

Nona was able to publish her first book after Going through our Strengths to Power Acceleration process.

Through very practical exercises- over a 4 week period, you will emerge with a new Origin story!!


I am a Coach, Trainer, and Author who is a Converted Engineer. I was Good at Math and Science so I chose Engineering but your Talent Strengths are what you do…not who you are.

As a female in a male dominated field, I battled Enoughness and trying to do things like the Guys! It was only when I exercised the confidence to be my own Best using my Innate Strengths that define who I am at the core that I excelled in my career. I was Authentically myself when leaning into my unique strengths, Now I want to show you how to do the same..


Strengths Accelerator Mastermind
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