MOJO Wellness Audit- A Pulse Check on your Emotional, Physical, and Overall Wellbeing

As a wellness coach, I partner with you to help you make positive changes in your life that you feel will help you live life to the fullest. The 5 Pillars of the MOre JOy Way of Being – MIND, BODY, SOUL, CONNECTION, and INTENTION–represent the key bases that give us a Flourishing Life or NOT.

Take the quiz (all or one of the Pillars) and set a Free 20 minutes Discovery session with me, we will review the results, insights and explore what, if any, goals you would like to be supported toward. The Pillars are the foundation and should be firmly in place so that other Coaching Objectives – like Career, Relationships, Wealth, and Business can be built. 

The Coaching process includes collaborating with you to help you establish some goals and to find manageable action steps to reach them.

I have found through the coaching process that as clients have learned to slow down, look within, become more familiar with their minds, and care lovingly for their bodies, they are more able to face all of what life delivers with an inner well of strength and freedom.

Wellness coaching is not just about your physical well-being, it is also about you as a whole person, that is why I call it well-being coaching: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose. Through the coaching process, we will work together to improve your ability to make positive changes to enhance your quality of life. Through exploring your internal motivators and desires we hope to attain a consistent commitment to action so you are able to move forward in a healthier direction. This proactive working relationship can accelerate your progress by providing greater focus and awareness so you are more inclined to make decisions and direct your choices to those that serve your goals and higher interests.

Coach P